One of the directions of our company is glazing arbors and awnings with elastic windows made of PVC materials. Soft windows have unimaginable properties and will protect your gazebo from negative weather phenomena. In the manufacture of elastic windows, completely new technologies are used, thanks to which, soft windows become “breathable”.
Flexible Window Properties
Elastic windows are extremely functional, with their help you can change the appearance of your gazebo. Our country is located in the northern latitudes, so spending time with relatives and friends on the street can only be a couple of months a year. But it is with the help of flexible windows that you can extend this wonderful time and even have a barbecue in your gazebo even in late autumn. Due to the protective properties of the material from which the windows are made, cold air will not enter the glazed area of ​​your gazebo, and warm air will not leave. It is also worth noting that heavy rains, gusty winds will no longer ruin your vacation with family and friends, and you can always hide from the weather in your gazebo.
If necessary, you can easily dismantle the elastic windows, you will not need any special or special devices. Our windows are extremely durable and easy to clean.
Soft Window Specifications
 - Light transmission up to 90%
 - High tensile and tensile strength
 - Resistance to temperature differences from -30 to 60 degrees
 - High UV protection
 - Not blown by the wind
 - Do not get wet
 - Do not sag


Our company offers you to purchase flexible windows for cafes and restaurants. With the help of them you can make outdoor terraces cozy. Visitors to cafes and restaurants love to spend time on open terraces, breathe fresh air and enjoy the company of loved ones. But, unfortunately, due to weather conditions, open terraces work only for a short time, in the warmer months. Having ordered our windows, you will significantly increase the time of using outdoor terraces, thereby delight your customers.


With the help of elastic windows, you can divide the terrace into zones, for example into 2 zones - for smokers and non-smokers.
Install flexible windows
Soft windows are quickly mounted, and it is also worth noting that they are very easy to remove or roll, if necessary. For example, on hot summer days, you can remove the elastic windows by simply folding them into a roll, and if there was a strong wind or it started to rain, deploy and fix them using certain fasteners. It is very simple and does not require any professional skills.

Our windows are easy to clean, just wipe them with a damp cloth and they will be like new. Elastic windows are made from modern materials, they are environmentally friendly. We will be able to fulfill the order, in accordance with your individual measurements. Contact, and on your veranda or terrace it will be cozy and warm almost all year round.
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